Drew Breivik - Game Audio

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I'd love to make your game come to life with music and sound. I specialize in orchestral, rock, metal, and folk genres. Take a listen to my samples. I am experienced with both music and sound effects and I am very familiar with Unity 3D and Wwise.

More of my music at:


                                                          Demo Reels

                    I created original music and sound for this Dark Souls 2 trailer.


I created original music and sound for this Sea of Thieves trailer.


        Recommendation                  Original Compositions

Andy Breivik is a sound mercenary. He will work for you and help you make any type of sound effect or even compose original material that sounds like it has an air equivalent to Hans Zimmer in it, for sounds of amazement. Hans Zimmer himself would even be impressed.

Andy works and gets the job done to the highest potential that I haven't seen in a long time. He is a family man who has a good heart and will give constructive criticism to anything regarding the game if asked. Andy also doesn't mind any type of criticism when it comes to his work. He will change it until it sounds right.

In closing, Andy is definitely the type of Sound Artist you would want for your next game and he will definitely turn it into a triple A experience. I personally would recommend him to any major video game studio, that needs a sound artist that is this talented and strives to make any game sound radical.

Michael Byan UGO Games

Medieval Town
Neo Ops
Electric War
Jazzy 1
Battle Theme 1

Let's keep this simple:

I play lots of video games.

I listen to and write lots of video game music.

I am experienced with making video game sound effects.

I know Unity and Wwise.

Let's make a game!

[email protected]