Drew Breivik - Game Audio

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                               THE MAN

I started composing from a very young age. I wrote my first piece for a piano recital at age 9. From there I learned the saxophone, guitar, and drums. I was in a handful of rock bands through my teens and 20s, where I was the principle composer, and eventually graduated from the University of Mary Washington in 2009 with a Bachelor's Degree in Music. I have also taken some very instructive Game Audio courses from Berklee Online.
y credits include radio jingles for Real Deal Home Improvement and Foranything.com and the music for the Pashto app from Luckydogapps.com. I am familiar with Unity3D and Wwise and I have experience with sound effects as well. My credits are few 
because I have only recently begun looking for opportunities. I have spent my time preparing, practicing, and honing my craft - and now the time is right. Let's make music!

          THE GAMER

I am first and foremost - a gamer. I've been playing since our Intellivision entered our home sometime in the early 80s. Since then, countless games have entered my home and heart, shaping me not only as a gamer, but a composer. I have been influenced by the greatest video game experiences of all time. Whether it's epic RPGs like Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest, open world adventures like Elder Scrolls or Fallout 3, fantastic puzzle games like Dr. Mario, World of Goo and The Lost Vikings, or masterful platformers like Super Metroid and Rayman Legends - I have been molded and shaped by them all.

3 soundtracks that brought me here:


This was one of my first experiences I can recall bobbing my head up and down while playing. Perhaps anachronistic, but these tunes were catchy enough that I recorded the TV speakers with a microrecorder so I could listen at my leisure. This game had more funk than should be allowed in a game with a main character named Olaf. And oh...that theme song.....


It goes without saying that Nobuo Uematsu is a god among VG composers, and with good cause. For me, this soundtrack blew away anything that had been released prior by 100 miles. This is the first physical VG soundtrack I ever owned and I listened to it A LOT. I still pop it in on occasion.


Yes, I know I have 2 Final Fantasy games on here, but the games, and their soundtracks, could not be more different. This one was composed by Kumi Tanioka and has a gorgeous array of world and folk music. Very organic, very fitting of the tone of the game. I have fallen asleep to this soundtrack easily over 500 times.